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Merchant Hub is a section where you can find summarized information about e-commerce merchant platform,mobile app builder,how it works,FAQs and tutorials,explanations and such. Take a look what is about ! 🙂

  • DealShaker is an online deals marketplace and advertising service provider with a membership-based customer base. The platform enables business-to-customer and customer-to-customer deal promotions in combination of cash(EUR) and the new-age, mass cryptocurrency-OneCoin. Ads are grouped based on geographic area, business category and type.


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  • At 15 of January it was a groundbreaking announcement by Founder and Visionary of OneCoin Dr. Ruja Ignatova on the latest addition to the OneLife Network portfolio – the DealShaker platform!


About Mission and Vision: HERE !

Check FAQs section

DealShaker Tutorials:

Please note that the DealShaker merchant platform and the Mobile App Builder (MAB) are not directly connected to each other and represent different offers and parts of the One Ecosystem. The DealShaker is a platform, which allows merchants to offer their products to the Members of the OneLife Network, while the MAB lets users build their own Application, which is open to the public and aids in their personal business sales.

  • Another addition ( already added) to the OneLife products portfolio, the M.A.B. (Mobile App Builder) – is a mobile application builder service targeted at public figures, entrepreneurs and business owners.

The M.A.B. will enable the growth and expansion of the long anticipated merchant network and will empower them to build their own customized mobile applications from scratch with no programming skills required. The M.A.B. is easy to use and maintain and basically provides a solution for all those millions of small and medium businesses worldwide, looking for an affordable way to grow their market.

OneLife Mobile APP Builder Tutorials:

-The Mobile Application Builder is a revolutionary platform enabling everybody to build Mobile Apps in a matter of hours.

Stay tuned  for more information about merchants. 🙂

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